The salient growth of industry in developed and developing countries needs regarding educating and learning the innovative sciences and technologies as well as developing the construction industrializing culture led to holding construction innovative technologies conferences. Association of Construction Innovative Technologies set forth its executive programs by holding conferences in 1387, 1390 and 1393 with regard to the major goals of association such as the approach of contribution to developing the technologies of construction industry, bridging the gap between supply and demand, helping the producers change their viewpoint from traditional methods to industrialization, inviting the experimental and scientific centers contributions and administrative impediments pathology in applying the technology in construction industry.


The Association Objectives

  • Helping the innovative technologies of construction industry develop and bridge the gap between supply and demand
  • Helping the builders’ approach change from traditional to industrial
  • Encouraging the scientific and experimental centers, construction industry experts and engineering associations to implement research and investigative projects to develop and apply the construction innovative technologies to the full.
  • Planning to educate engineers and officials at different levels to utilize the innovative technologies and change the academic basics
  • Administrative impediments pathology in utilizing the innovative technologies of construction industry

Conference Association Pillars

Policy Council

  • General Manager of Construction National Regulations Affairs
  • General Manager of Provincial Housing and Urban Development
  • President of Provincial Construction Engineering Organization
  • Governor General’s Assistant of Civil Affairs
  • Promotion Deputy of Construction National Regulations
  • An Expert in Innovative Technologies (Administrative Secretary)
  •  Conference Executive Officer (real or legal person who runs the conference and recommended by administrative sector and appointed by management and planning department)

Policy Council Responsibilities

  • Monitoring all related conference association’s missions and responsibilities
  • Responsibilities of management and planning department
  • Planning periodic conferences
  • Following up the procedure of implementing suggestions and decisions made in the conferences
  • Making connections with scientific and investigative centers and other relevant institutions and encouraging them to cooperate in order to fulfill the objectives of the statute
  •  Providing the Association report on performance
  •  Summarizing the reports of the monitoring, evaluation and scientific departments of the Conference Secretariat and presenting them to the policy council
  • The Conference Secretariat is located in the Housing and Urban Development Office in Khorasan Razavi, and the director of the Housing and Urban Development Office is considered to be the Conference Secretary

ACIT Conference Organizational Chart


Conference Audience

  • All Governor Generals
  • All managers and experts of the Housing and Urban Development Offices throughout the country
  • All managers and experts of Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation throughout the country
  •  Mayors and members of councils
  •  Faculty and university professors and students
  • All Members of Iran Construction Engineering Organizations
  • All urban and rural affairs managers
  • Members of technological committees and companies with construction innovative technologies
  • Members of housing and construction mass producers
  • Members of installation companies
  • Members of counselors and associations
  • Members of the technicians’ committee
  • Members of the empirical architects’ committee
  • Managers and experts of construction innovative technologies and etc.