fiber_manual_recordThe First Conference of Construction Innovative Technologies


  • Construction Innovative technologies field and the relation between the supply and demand markets
  • Changing the builder’s approach of traditional methods to industrialization



  • Designing structures
  • New methods of construction systems implementation
  • Modern construction materials
  • Mechanical and electrical installations;
  • Architecture and urban development
  • Causes of failure of industrial production in Iran
  • Government supportive methods for industrial production
  • Adaptation of industrial production to Iranian architecture
  • Pathology of industrial production and new technologies in Iran
  • Privileges and limitations of industrial production
  • Strategies for increasing industrial production in Iran
  • Developing promotion culture and training strategies for construction engineers and professionals in the field of new technologies.


Name of Conference National Conference of Construction Innovative Technologies
Date of Conference 87/8/18 to
Number of Participants 800
Venue Pardisan Hotel
Number of Exhibitors 6
Training Hours About 8000 Individual/ Hour
The Number of Accepted Papers for Conference
Privilege Participation Certificate by Construction Research Center
Number of Foreign Guests 4

Specialized Workshops

No. Workshop Presenter
1 Construction technologies assessment applying building industrial production method Dr. Ahmadi
Dr. Delfani
Dr. Rasool Raheb
2 EVG 3D panel technology CEO and experts of Ghased Sepid and a few of Austrian and German experts
3 Urban tunnel (energy tunnel) made of fiberglass Ariakavan group
4 Modular and Nick systems technology for the number 1 fast  and temporary accommodation Professors of Construction and Housing Research Center
5 Checking Tunnel mold system Housing investment experts
6 Cold rolled light steel frames (LSF) building system IN system manufacturing company
7 Loading walls of cement building systems with permanent frame Super Panel Company
8 Modular systems and Nick Systems technology-number 2 Professors of Construction and Housing Research Center
9 Polystyrene roof systems, cold rolled steel structures with loading vibration systems and moment frame as well as complete bolt bracing Mr. Zorufchian, CEO of Kavosh Beton company