fiber_manual_recordSecond National Conference of Construction Innovative Technologies


  • Making a contribution to develop new construction industry technologies and the relation between supply and demand markets
  • Making a contribution to change builders’ approach from traditional methods to industrialization
  •  Encouraging the scientific and experimental centers, construction industry experts and engineering associations to implement research and investigative projects to develop and apply the construction innovative technologies to the full.
  •  Planning to educate engineers and officials at different levels to utilize the innovative technologies and change the academic basics
  •  Administrative impediments pathology in utilizing the innovative technologies


  •  The Role of applying new technologies to construction (time, cost and quality);
  •   The role of new materials in the new construction technologies and industrialization
  •  Earthquake-resistant structures systems especially in the new construction technologies
  •  The role of local materials in industrializing the construction and how to apply them
  •  The evaluation of the effect of Iranian-Islamic architecture in recent constructions
  •  Native and local models in new construction technologies and successful experiences throughout the country
  •  The role of Islamic-Iranian architecture in Mehr housing projects and presenting the taken measures
  •  Strategies for applying and utilizing new technologies in old areas (successful experiences)
  • Taking advantage of industrialization world experiences and construction industry technologies
  •  Pathology and identifying the impediments to development of industrialization in construction
  • Examination of privileges and deficiencies of new construction industry technologies
  •  Applying new construction technologies to rural housing (successful experiences)
  •  Assessment of the implemented systems in the field of industrialization in Iran (architecture and structure)
  •  Providing strategies for culture and new technologies application development in construction industry
  • Providing strategies to support industrialization development through the country construction executives
  •  Examining the effect of legitimacy and equalization of the industrial manufacturing model and the use of new technologies in the development of industrial construction and preventing disincentive workload diversity and distribution
  •  Introduction of structural systems with an industrial approach (skeleton and roof)
  •  Introduction of nonstructural systems with an industrial approach (empty walls, architecture implementation, installation)
  •  Introduction of new materials to lighten the structures (light concrete)
  •  Measuring possibility to achieve the objectives mentioned in the fifth development plan of industrialization and the use of modern technologies.

Conference Specifications

Name of Conference National Conference of New Technologies in the Construction Industry
Date of Conference 90/9/21 to
Number of Participants 1000
Venue  International Exhibition
Number of Exhibitors 38
Training Hours About 12000 individual/hour
Number of Papers Submitted 205
Number of Papers Admitted 159
Privilege Promotion and Renewal
Number of Foreign Guests 6

Specialized Workshops

No. Workshop Presenter
1 Performance evaluation of Japan JAICA institution Kiko Araee
2 Vibration control of structures by seismic isolators and analytical modeling methods Dr. Arman Asaturians
3 Evaluation of floor heating system implementation procedures (Marian Engineering Company) Dr. Farshidianfar
4 Evaluation of mechanical installation implementation procedures of Bush fit sewage pipes Polyran Company
5 Applying new seismic isolators technologies in Japan Kenjiro Oka & Muritany(Japan Krashiki Company)
6 Evaluation of nut- bolt joints in steel structures and compound ceiling with steel deck Dr. Frayduni ( Iran Tohid Company)(San Saze)
7 Anti-earthquake technologies Dr. Renzo Medvet


Resolution of the Second National Conference on Construction Industry innovative Technologies

  • Necessary planning by ACIT in order to gather and establish the country technologists’ council having all relevant institutions and organizations participated
  •  Full support for ACIT activities in Mashhad and the effort to expand the scope of ACIT activity to identify, investigate and localize new technologies in the construction industry
  •  Preparation and codification of the national comprehensive industrial construction development plan by ACIT
  •  Standardization, mass production, centralization, and specialization through national modular approach to achieve the sustainable development of industrial construction
  •  Providing necessary ground to rank competent house builders and create database for them in the field of construction industry innovative technologies
  •  Providing necessary ground to issue the engineering services to participate in global market in order to develop industrial construction in the country
  •  Supporting all practitioners and the association related to construction industry innovative technologies
  •  Developing culture in order to raise the public awareness regarding advantages of utilizing modern technologies in construction industry
  •  Providing educational context for all practitioners in the construction industry on the subject of construction industry technologies
  •  Inclusion of subjects related to construction industry technologies in high school and higher education syllabi, and creating new construction management courses by utilizing new technologies at both master’s and doctoral levels.